We're just a few weeks from moving into our renovated home--a time in our last renovation 9 years ago in Southern California when we wanted to kill our contractor--and not only do we still love Jed Linsley of Pterodactyl, and his fabulous crew, but we're immensely grateful to him for his insights, his suggested improvements to the original plans, his cost-saving efforts, and his general calmness and good humor. He's a pleasure to work with and his crew reflects his professionalism, expertise and friendliness. This is a group of guys that genuinely like each other, work collaboratively, and respect and enjoy their boss. We can't recommend Pterodactyl highly enough.
— Rhona B.
Pterodactyl provided a full servvice siting, permitting, planning, designing, and construction of a 250 square foot outbuilding, studio, and the associated decking and porch work. They provided electrical and outdoor plumbing.
We had basic design, they developed plans, secured permits, and performed all construction and managed sheetrock, painting and roofing sub contractors.
Excellent work, work ethic, and superb to work with. Sensitive to construction issues while we resided on the property. Maintained an impeccable work site.
We've worked with other contractors over the years.......this has been our bestt experience. They maintained flexibility and enthusiasm in spite of our design changes. They had excellent suggestions for the design and materials.
—Dan R.
In our 20 years as homeowners in the Bay Area, we have worked with several different contractors on a variety of different remodeling projects and, frankly, nobody even comes close to the quality of work done by Jed Linsley and Pterodactyl Construction. Jed & Pterodactyl have done a number of remodeling projects with us over the past 2-3 years, and we hope to do many more. They are a pleasure to work with. Jed is straightforward and honest; knowledgeable about all aspects of construction; right on point with scheduling; has a nice sense of design; and is flexible and open to input from the homeowner, while always keeping things on track design, time and budget-wise. His crew is hard-working, highly skilled and friendly - and they do a stellar job of cleaning up after each day's work, which is key as anyone who has lived in and with a remodeling project knows! Jed has the great respect and loyalty of people who work for him and others with whom he works in the industry. To be honest, we can't say enough good things about Jed and Pterodactyl - we'd give him/them 6 stars if we could.
— Gregor D.
My project started out as a small sheet rock job in the garage. It ended in a whole-house remodel. Jed Linsley of Pterodactyl Construction was excellent from the first phone call through the end of the project - and beyond. (More about that later). The scope of the initial project did not change because of Jed; the scope of the project changed because I really needed to do a whole house remodel and felt confident that Jed and his crew could create the house I wanted. I enjoyed the process from start to finish. 
— Terri T.
I had a septic backup in my 106 year old farmhouse. I asked friends and neighbors for referrals. 3 out of 4 people recommended Jed LInsley of Pterodactyl Construction. He was willing to start immediately. due to the fact I was now homeless He worked with me through the insurance process, the building codes upgrades (and there were many due to the age of my house) and the design process. I needed to upgrade but wanted to keep the vintage aesthetics of my old farmhouse. His ideas were always great. In many instances he was able to integrate some of my existing features and bring them up to date. There were many difficult unforeseen issues (2-3-inch uneven floor deviation, overextended beams in ceilings, etc) that he tackled with expertise and grace. His crew was skilled and easy going to work with. They reflected Jed's helpfulness, work ethics, organized and clean work surroundings and were always considerate and respectful. It was a 9 month project so to me it was necessary that we were able to work together. Because of the ambiguity of the insurance process, this project would have been much more stressful if I did not have Jed and his knowledge, patience and willingness to work it through.
In the end, my kitchen and bathroom turned out beautiful! The wainscoting in my bathroom was made of my 100-year-old reclaimed redwood from the walls that were torn down. As a professional chef, he was able to help me make my kitchen the dream kitchen I have always wanted. He created unusual one of a kind pieces for me. There are not enough good things I can say about his work and his demeanor. I would highly recommend him for any project.
— Barbara H.
We hired Pterodactyl to do a remodel on a home we purchased Fall, 2016. It needed everything redone, kitchen, bathrooms, floors, paint, etc. Jed came in and finished the large project in 3 months right on schedule. Not only was his work top notch, but he kept us focused on the daily decisions at hand. Couldn't be happier with him, his professionalism, his crew and subs. Highly recommend!
— Judy P.
Where do we start telling you how wonderful this company is? First of all, many of our neighbors used Jed and the Pterodactyl crew for their building needs.  When we asked them, would you use Pterodactyl again, they all responded exuberantly "YES!" If you can endorse your contractor after having gone through big remodel projects, that's really saying something.

We did a big remodel to our kitchen earlier this year and had the most positive experience working with Jed.  He is extremely responsive, very fair, very prompt and an excellent communicator - rare qualities in the contractor world. He was very thorough and has an excellent crew.  They were very conscientious, trustworthy and left our place clean every day. We felt very comfortable having them in our home while we were gone.  Jed is also very patient and an excellent problem solver.  What more can you want from a contractor?  We have a beautiful kitchen thanks to Pterodactyl!
Thanks guys!
—Kelly S.